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Singapore’s Ministry of Education banned “zoom” after serious incidents

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Singapore’s Ministry of Education banned “zoom” after serious incidents

Singapore’s Ministry of Education said Friday that Singapore has suspended the use of videoconferencing tool zoom due to the “very serious incident” in the first week of the coronavirus lockdown, the school was relearned at home.

According to local media reports, one incident concerned obscene images on the screen and obscene statements made by unknown men during the presentation of geography courses to girls.

zoom video communication companies have been beset by security and privacy issues for their conference applications, and app usage has increased as offices and schools around the world are closed in an attempt to contain coronavirus infection.

“These are very serious incidents, and the Ministry of Education is investigating these two violations and will submit a police report if necessary,” said Aaron Loh of the Ministry of Education Technology.

“As a precaution, our teachers will suspend the use of zoom until these security issues are resolved.”

Loh said they will advise teachers on security protocols, such as requiring secure login and not sharing meeting links outside students in the classroom.

Taiwan and Germany have imposed restrictions on the use of scale, while Alphabet Google on Wednesday banned desktop scaling for corporate laptops.

The company also faces collective action.

There is growing concern about end-to-end encryption of conference sessions, routing traffic through China and “zoom bombing” when uninvited guests crash in meetings.

According to a letter to parents seen by Reuters, officials at Berkeley High School in California said they had suspended the application because a “naked adult man used racial discrimination” invaded the school saying it was a password-protected meeting.

To address security issues, Zoom has embarked on a 90-day program to strengthen privacy and security issues, and has also hired Alex Stamos, former Facebook Security Chief, as a consultant.

The Government of Singapore has also used this tool to organize media conferences.


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