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Kangana Ranaut mean political involvement in Sushant Singh case

The examination into the alleged suicide of star Sushant Singh Rajput is getting more complicated. Today, it was reported that a politically-connected individual was potentially present at the party, a night before Sushant Singh’s death. Without taking any names, media homes said that a political leader’s kid existed at the party’s late star’s house. Kangana Ranaut’s group, calling out these media reports, hinted that the politician’s son was no one else; however, “Karan Johar’s friend and world’s finest CM’s finest kid, adoringly called child penguin.”

In the Tweet, the actor’s group likewise composed that Kangana has been brave enough to take big names truthfully, and now, if she is found hanging at her house, everyone needs to know that it would not be a suicide.

” Everyone understands nevertheless no one can take his name, Karan Johar’s friend and world’s best CM’s finest kid, adoringly called infant penguin, Kangana is mentioning if I discovered awaiting my home, please know I did not devote suicide,” stated Kangana Ranaut’s ‘group’ on Twitter.

Kangana’s tweet Kangana has been very vocal about the participation of numerous Bollywood big-wigs in the event. She has been declaring that Sushant was being used and annoyed by a gang of ‘Bollywood mafia’ who promote just nepotism and actively work to keep ‘outsiders’ out. She has also claimed that a truly effective lobby is trying to avoid an in-depth examination of the case. Reports advised party hosted by Sushant Singh Rajput was taken part in by a politician’s kid a night before his expected suicide. A politician’s kid existed in the late actor’s home or condo. Based on the report, there was a heated argument between the political leader’s child and Sushant Singh Rajput post, which the late actor left the place. Strangely enough, the CCTV has been dysfunctional ever since. Sources claim the police authorities are trying to conceal the identity of this person. People close to Sushant Singh Rajput have exposed that there was a party at his apartment or condo. The character, as mentioned earlier, was also present there in addition to others. Meanwhile, in another twist, the late star Sushant Singh Rajput’s papa KK Singh filed an FIR with charges of abetment of suicide, blackmail, and financial harassment versus Sushant’s sweetheart Rhea Chakraborty.


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