Home Lifestyle One good news: two old woman recovered from the covid-19

One good news: two old woman recovered from the covid-19

One good news two old woman recovered from the covid-19

One good news: a 107 year old Dutch woman and an 81 year old Indian woman recovered from the covid-19

They are not the only elderly who can overcome infectious diseases, but they are certainly inspiration to all of us.

That’s why older people have always been the most vulnerable part of the population when it comes to covid-19 pandemics. Carefully examine the date, you will realize that it is older people who need to be more careful and maintain the social distance. Of course, it also brings fear and disappointment.

But today, let’s talk about some positive things, because we already have two messages that will not only bring you a smile, but also give you a sense of hope.

For beginners, a 107 year old child recovers from covid-19

Meet Cornelia Ras, who on 17 March, the day after her 107th birthday, attended religious services along with other residents of her nursing home, an island in the southwest of the Netherlands.

Later, she and 40 other people were diagnosed as carriers of the virus during the service, 12 of whom had died, but her doctor told Ras on Monday that she had hit the infection.

His niece Maaike de Groot told a newspaper, “We didn’t expect him to survive.”

“She did not take medication and still went well, kneeling on her knees every night to thank the teacher. Apparently, he can continue to do so.” Before Ras, the oldest coronavirus survivor was a 104 year old American.

kulit nirmal, an 81-year-old survivor, also has a message from Punjab for all

After returning home, Kurvan Tenimar is spending time urging people to stay inside to protect themselves from infection.

According to a video shared by chief minister amarinder Singh on Twitter, Mohari kulwant nirmal, patients with diabetes and hypertension, tested positive crowns. But her will covered everything, and now she’s healthy at home.

She is one of the patients that the state has recovered from infection. In his SMS video, he folded his hands and said: “The doctor takes care of me, never be afraid of the disease, listen to what the government and the doctor say.”

The octogenarian said, “Keep your willpower strong. Have the courage to do prayers. waheguru will save you,” said the octogenarian. His son Guming Singh said he was isolated along with other family members, when his mother lived in a private hospital.

He said his mother was diabetic and hypertensive for 30 years and was the only case of coronavirus in the family.

God bless the two survivors!


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