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Health Benefits of Black Gram : Know Various Medicinal uses

Health Benefits of Black Gram

Health Benefits of Black Gram : Know Various Medicinal uses

Black Gram is highly regarded by many natural healers due to its numerous amazing health benefits!

The nutritive values of black gram (urad dal) are very high and contain a high capacity of minerals, proteins, and vitamins. In the conventional medicine of Ayurveda, black gram is used due to its large number of health benefits. Especially, it is used for increasing strength of the body. Besides medicinal properties, black gram is used to cook a delicious food and the recipe is known as daal. When its outer layer of skin or black part is removed, it is known as white lentil. In India, black gram has been cultivated and used as aphrodisiac agent since 5000 years.

This bean is usually grown in the southern Asia and was originated in India, where it has been cultivated since ancient times. In other areas this beneficial bean was mainly introduced by various Indian immigrants. Normally, black gram grows in the coastal areas. The wet season is considered to be the best time for cultivation of black gram.

Medicinal uses of Black Gram

Excellent for diabetes

Black gram is very effective in treating the disease of diabetes and shows quite positive results when used along with bitter gourd juice and honey. During this treatment, the excessive usage of carbohydrates should be restricted.

Various sexual problems

Several sexual problems can be treated well by the usage of black gram. Normally, these problems include impotency, premature interjection, and thinness of semen etc. It is used in various forms and delivers awesome results.

Nervous disorders

It is useful in many nervous related disorders such as nervous weakness, memory weakness, schizophrenia, hysteria etc.

Hair problems

Black gram along with fenugreek has proved to be very beneficial in treating the hair problems.  Generally, the hair washed with a paste of cooked black gram. In addition to hair loss treatment, it also helps to remove dandruff and lengthen as well as provide strength to the hair.

Great for heart

The excellent bean of black gram is very useful in lowering the level of cholesterol, which helps to avoid various heart related problems. The rich amount of calcium and folate protects from any kind of damage to the arterial walls. In addition, magnesium is also very helpful in boosting the cardiovascular health with the help of enhancing blood circulation.

Digestive system disorders

Vigna mungo or black gram is helpful in various disorders related to digestive system. The usage of black gram is supported in the conditions of constipation, piles, and colic. Additionally, it has also worked effectively in stimulating the liver functions.

Typically, the seeds of black gram are available, which are cooked in a variety of ways. In addition, the paste of the ground seeds is used for various purposes. Dried seeds of these beans are used for many medicinal purposes.


The excessive usage of black gram can create flatulence and in order to avoid it, usually pepper, ginger, and a little asafetida is added. The people suffering from urinary calculi and rheumatism should not take black gram because it includes oxalic acid in high quantity.

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