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What should everyone over 30 years of age do for their own skin?

What should everyone over 30 years of age do for their own skin?

As a result, the overall charm and elegance of your skin are lost. That’s why you have to take special care of your skin, which prevents deterioration of the skin, prevents different types of acute problems, especially aging spots, fine lines, patches, wrinkles, dark circles and many others.

How does aging affect your skin?

Collagen loss: If your skin is exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, then collagen is lost, causing interference with the texture, formation and quality of the skin. In some cases, you can even face terrible damage to the skin, just quite busy to resist.

Skin thickness loss: After 30 years, your skin will look thinner, as the thickness will be lost, which is one of the most prominent symptoms. Thinner skin invites signs of aging faster, so your skin will slowly become loose and lose natural slack.

Increase the visibility of signs of aging: After the 30s, signs of aging become more prominent and visible, which is the most powerful way you should think about to prevent these signs from occurring on a permanent note.

What are the main methods of skin care for people over 30 years old?

Apply UV sunscreen or broad-spectrum grape: because it is impossible to avoid exposure to the sun all the time, especially for people in the office, so it is better to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a function rather uvb or grape. Zinc or titanium oxides are mainly found in this sunscreen lotion, which not only prevents the skin from absorbing the sun’s rays, but also makes your skin tone fairer than ever.

Regular use of fillers – fillers can be used regularly, so that the volume of the skin can be easily maintained for a long time. This process will also take good care of your skin, preventing the skin from diluting day after day. You can maintain greater safety without any confusion or adverse reactions.

Retinol use: Retinol has been medically recognized and plays the most important role in building and maintaining skin collagen. In this case, the level of collagen will increase slowly, on the other hand, solar damage can also be reduced. Because if these signs of aging will also be controlled.


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