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How to maintain the balance between work and life — Tips for mother!

How to maintain the balance between work and life — the real mother!

All mothers are created in a way that they have multitasking experience and make sure they are excellent in all areas of life. However, one can do it without having stress and constantly following various tips and strategies.

In addition, if you are a working mother, both at work and at home, it will be appreciated and works wonders.

For all working mothers, the greatest fear and the inevitable challenge is how to beautifully maintain a balance between work and family. With my own personal experience, I believe that certain strategies, if implemented effectively, can greatly help us.

1) Planning is always essential — the mother is not a robot or superman with 10 hands, but they do work the way if they are! Each day can be carefully planned in advance, which will further reduce missed opportunities in important events, meetings, appointments or other daily work.

The habit of making a “to-do list” can be of countless help in performing tasks. Plan your day activities so that it gives you enough time for you before the end of the day and can be used in a lot with your loved ones.

2) Let each child’s time – we, mothers, so stick to our monotonous schedule and become part of the rat race, we completely forget to spend quality time with each of our children. Most of us have two children, or maybe a son. Every day.

I’ve been complaining that I don’t have any of my time, because all day I’ve been busy with one or the housework.

But recently I realized that it’s easier to cry and complain than to plan and then execute the plan. A smart and easy way is to fix one by creating a schedule for each child.

Encourage your child to follow him religiously and set the right example by insisting on it yourself, let’s go. When I say this, I do not mean that, except for the specified time, you should not spend time with your child.

This clearly means that in any case this particular period should be devoted to communication with a particular child, while another child can correctly engage in other activities.

As a rule, we give more attention and time to young children, because they tend to stick to more, more dependent, more demanding, more demanding. By default, older siblings feel careless and anxious for parental attention.

Without getting the required time, love and attention are quite frustrating, they begin to envy.

Therefore, in order to maintain harmony and peace in the home and avoid brotherhood competition, make sure that all children receive reasonable love, time and attention, no matter how busy their daily routine is.

3) Stop crying over the lack of time — time is a luxury that not everyone can afford. When you decide for yourself, you want to have and own identity, they are self-sufficient in all respects.

Become a confident person who can reach the stars, which is not at all allowed cradle, once you get stuck with the challenges and difficulties associated with work.

The best excuse, which often and used to use is the lack of time. I’m not ashamed to admit that even though I’ve been using this excuse quite often, my friends have the same opinion that we should have 48 hours in a day!

did not achieve any goals, did not have a proper daily life, no social, no strict eating patterns, no quality time with children, no time for yourself, no learning new art forms, etc.

We’re just using the stupidest excuses, we don’t have time. Time will never be there, this is our daily schedule that needs to be structured in a way that we sleep well at the end of the day, without crying, without any resentment.

4) Focus on one aspect at a time – you are not here to compete with anyone. You do not exist to impress the world, so there is no hurry in everything you do and get a+forever.

I have a strong desire to learn the guitar, because we have had it for a long time, but I evil using the old excuse that I did not have time and never learned. Later on the same day, I wanted to be an artist and I actually started doing sketches.

I was completely surprised and pleasantly surprised that I did an excellent job and was appreciated by all my loved ones, but the urge somewhere to learn the guitar could not be suppressed.

The purpose of sharing this personal experience is only to focus on us, Superman (mother), the need to focus on the work in question, priorities and gradually excellence. Why unnecessarily emphasize that they are just an inevitable part of the rat breed? Highlight and live life, even if only you do.

The first thing we do is Maniably clean every corner and make everyone impress with our impeccable aesthetic sense. You can live in a place where it is comfortable enough and offers you basic luxury and comfort.

When you are a working mother, do not worry to impress people spruce. This time you can use it better to spend money with your husband and children.

5) Train your child to be independent — from an early age, we have to encourage our child to be independent. Let children discover their own style of learning, suitable for a variety of things. Do not force them to work in the traditional way to limit their personality. Your age and appreciate your same achievements.

Increase your morale at every stage and enjoy your failures. After all, this is how we all learn and develop! In this way, you will finish the task faster, probably not always in the best way, but it will certainly give you more time for your loved ones. In addition, while our children work with us, there is in the gluing, love and feelings constantly increasing.

6) Make time for her husband — an irresistible challenge for a working mother is the lack of time. For poor husbands, most wives are cooking, buying or teaching, while poor husbands go home and just stay on TV or smartphone.

Your husband needs some time, he should expect to spend this special moment with you, while the children should be busy eating or playing, or ready for the next busy day.

A husband should also understand the plight of a poor wife on the toes all day. Please accept the fact that working mothers are not supermen or superwomen, and if they miss doing things, husbands and children should not be disappointed!

Enjoy the women! Because we’re lucky.


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