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Survey shows that your health is more concerned than financial situation

Survey shows that your health is more concerned than financial situation

Survey shows that your health is more concerned than financial situation now

A new survey shows that more Americans/world are concerned about their anxiety and overall mental health levels during the current Covid-19 outbreak than about their inability to pay their bills or lose their jobs during the pandemic.

Harris conducted a survey on behalf of the University of Phoenix, a new online survey asked 1,055 adults over the age of 18 about their feelings and perceptions of the Covidl-19 outbreaks.

Health became a major concern, and the survey found that more than two-thirds of Americans (68%) feel that everything is now out of their control, more than half (56%) feel that they are now more balanced than ever, and two-fifths (41%) are more concerned about experiencing increased anxiety.

Four out of ten Americans also said they were more alone than ever, and one in five said they thought it would have a significant impact on their mental health if incarceration and social isolation continued.

Perhaps it is not surprising that many Americans also emphasize the health of their loved ones, not just their own, proving that this is the biggest concern of 71% of respondents, followed by their own (61%).

In fact, Americans have more health concerns than their employment and financial status, with 33% of Americans expressing fear that they will not be able to pay their bills, 26% fear that their wages and/or hours of work will be reduced, and 22% fear they may lose their jobs completely or may not find new jobs. work.

The good news is that the survey also found that many participants are taking positive steps to help improve their mental health, 60% reported talking to loved ones, 35% improved their level of movement, 30% reduced their news consumption and 29% showed random benevolent behavior. For someone else.

In addition, many respondents expressed gratitude for their health, family and friends (65%), although they were concerned and anxious, and about a third were optimistic and had a post-blockade plan.

“While many people are anxious, there are several ways to maintain good mental health through behavioral change,” said Dr. Asinia, Dean of the University of Phoenix Counselling Department.

instead of sending text messages or emails, calling, or using video chat to make a more meaningful connection. Create an activity in your day by trying something new or setting a goal to launch a new project.

“Remember that if your negative emotions persist, you can seek professional help. Many mental health professionals are offering virtual counseling sessions so you can talk to others without leaving home.”

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