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IIT Hyderabad inaugurates 1,50,000-sq ft Technology Research Park to assist industry and academia collaborate

IIT Hyderabad inaugurates 1,50,000-sq ft Technology Research Park to assist industry and academia collaborate

On February 5, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Hyderabad opened a 1,50,000-square-foot Technology Research Park, which is part of the IIT. To help industry partners set up Research and Technology Development centers on the IIT Hyderabad campus, the park wants to give them the space and tools they need.

Key Highlight:

  • IIT Hyderabad opened a 150,000 sq ft Technology Research Park to assist industry and academia collaboration.
  • The technology park will help industry partners establish R&D centers on the IIT Hyderabad campus.
  • The Rs 75 crore park would have world-class amenities – 11 separate towers of varying levels connected by covered corridors, a laboratory complex of seven footprint blocks joined by covered corridors.
  • IIT Hyderabad’s slogan is Inventing and Innovating for Humanity.
  • Our Technology Research Park echoes our mission.

IIT Hyderabad opened a 1,50,000-square-foot Technology Research Park on February 5. This will help bridge the gap between industry and academia. The park is located in the city of Hyderabad.

The goal of the technology park is to help businesses set up Research and Technology Development centers on the IIT Hyderabad campus.

The Rs 75 million parks, which the Union Ministry of Education funded, will have world-class facilities like 11 separate towers of different levels connected by corridors and a lab complex with seven footprint blocks connected by covered corridors.

Srivari Chandrasekhar, the Indian government’s Department of Science and Technology secretary, opened the facility. “Let me tell you that the government of India is very interested in technology, as the Union financial Minister said in the Budget 2022.” Hyderabad has a lot of people who want to start businesses. IIT Hyderabad director B.S. Murty came up with the idea for these TRP and TIP buildings. They’re good for people who can’t work at home. I want our young people to stop looking for jobs and start giving them. I also want all of the best universities to work on non-software technologies. Chandrasekhar said that the IITs are the country’s first technological schools, and IIT Hyderabad is one of the best with a unique ability to make things stand out.

BVRR Mohan Reddy, the chairman of IIT Hyderabad’s board of governors, Saito Mitsunori, the chief representative for JICA, Shingo Miyamoto, the Minister for Economic Development, and B.S. Murty, the Director, were all there. K.V.L. Subramaniam, the dean of planning at IIT Hyderabad and Ch Subrahmanyam, the FIC of TRP, were also there.

“We are grateful to the education ministry for giving us money for the project.” The goal of IIT Hyderabad is to come up with new ways to use technology to help people. Our Technology Research Park is in line with what we want to do. I am sure that this will start a strong and long-term relationship between the IITH and the businesses that will help make Atma Nirbhar Bharat happen. I also hope that the new technology park will help us build better relationships with businesses worldwide. To have Suzuki Motor Company come forward and set up the Suzuki Innovation Center is a big deal to us (SIC). When Murty said this, “I hope we can work together again soon.”

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